Final statement released: 24th September 2021


With restrictions across the UK eased ITAE Group event portfolio is now live. We would like to thank all of our customers and guests who have been patient with us as we navigated through the pandemic lockdowns. We are sure you will agree that the months ahead mark the closure of a period in our lives that we will not miss. 

A message from our CEO.

"Being the CEO of an events business has not been easy. I have been continually faced with having to make difficult and unpopular decisions. Week-by-week new legislation was introduced that most businesses didn't plan for or have the ability to respond too. Often the alternative decision was to place the business into administration.


I understand that some of our decisions taken at the height of the pandemic may have inconvenienced our customers or failed to deliver satisfactory customer service. I look back on the darkest times of the pandemic and remember seeing airport hangers converted into mass mortuaries to store the dead.Reflecting on this, the situation was rather chilling and the safety of our customers, staff, friends and family is what was important. The rest is fixable.

Government support was initially slow, with ticket sales non-existent the entire business model was brought to its knees. With businesses failing, employees losing their jobs across the country I was determined to steer ITAE through the pandemic, such that there was an intact business at the end of this to deal with and make good on our promise -a first-class event experience.

I understand that guests may feel inconvenienced or angry about how we have handled the pandemic, I can honestly say that at every decision the alternative was to close the business and place it into liquidation. The decisions we made and the patience of our customers has averted this situation.

We are however like most businesses heavily indebted and this will take many years to pay off.

Over the last 18 months we have made three quarters of our workforce redundant meaning our ability to offer the service we strive for has been difficult. Like most businesses we have embraced technology and moved to a fully automated online offer. We no longer have a dedicated customer service team, this has taken some time to adjust to but has meant that we can keep ticket prices competitively priced and accessible to our audiences."

Samuel Piri

ITAE Productions CEO

Our 2022 promise.

2022 will be our year. We would like the chance to make good on our promise, to invite you to a live show or offer you a refund for the face value of your tickets. As a valued customer you were once excited to attend one of our events and I hope to foster that excitement once more. Here is our promise to you.

The Murder Trial Live ticket holders.

15th October 2021

Tickets are now available for a brand new live tour of events. Our team of barristers have been busy preparing a brand new case 'The Dorset Drownings', this thrilling trial will visit 30 UK locations in 2022 and we invite you to take your seat on the jury.  Click here to learn more.

All existing ticket holders from 2020 cancelled events are now able to transfer their ticket to a new event or request a refund by clicking here and filling out the form.

As a thank you for bearing with us and transferring to a new event, you will be gifted with a glass of prosecco and a complimentary programme at your chosen event. Together we can raise a glass to the COVID years before indulging in a good dose of real crime.  Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible but due to the sheer volume of ticket holders, there may be a wait. If you have already had a refund, exchanged your tickets for digital services such as 'The Jury' held online in 2020 or have raised a section 75 chargeback, your tickets will not be transferred or refunded. We will honour our promise of bar credit to all guests who transferred their tickets in 2020. If you purchased bar credit this will roll over to our 2022 tour. 

Anatomy Lab Live

Anatomy Lab Live is touring in 2022 as Dinner & Dissection and visiting 15 locations. Our brand new exciting show Victorian Medicine sees our famous 2 course meal combined with dissection journey back to Victorian Britain. We'll be looking at The Greats, those who lived, worked and contributed to victorian medicine to learn about how they have shaped our modern understanding. Click here for tickets to our 2022 UK wide tour. You'll undertake real dissections yourself and as always receive a 4 hour CPD certificate for taking part. We'll shortly be emailing all legacy ticket holders that were due to attend a 2020 Anatomy Lab Live event and transferring them to the 2022 tour date. Once your tickets have been issued you will then have two options. You can attend the event planned and we'll throw in a glass of Prosecco and a free programme, together we can raise a glass to the COVID years before indulging in an evening of Dinner & Dissection. Alternatively you can request a ticket refund. Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible but due to the sheer volume of ticket holders across all of our live shows there may be a wait. If you have had a refund, exchanged your tickets for digital services or have raised a section 75 charge back your tickets will not be transferred.

Early-bird tickets will go on sale 24th September 2022.

The VIVIT Experience 

The VIVIT Experience is touring the UK as The Post Mortem Live.  Ticket holders can transfer their tickets to a 2021 or 2022 live event. Tickets are on sale here.


Please continue to be patient with us as we start emailing all legacy ticket holders. We are a very much reduced team but we are aiming  contacted all guests before 10th December 2021, we are starting with event concepts and locations that are earliest in the tour. Please bare with us until this date before reaching out. 

On behalf of the ITAE team I would like to thank you for being patient with us, I hope you can forgive your experience to date and I hope that we can put right the wrongs caused by the COIVD-19 pandemic. 

I wish you and your family well and hope to welcome you to an event in the near future.


Samuel Piri


Existing ticket holders from Operating Theatre Live & The VIVIT Experience 


Requesting a Ticket Transfer to a new event 

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