From wealth seekers to wealth creators; How BREXIT could unlock generations of talent

The EU referendum in 2016 certainly sparked debate across the UK about who we are as nation. Where we're going, what we want to achieve. The outcome, leave will drastically change the country as we know it. The making of BREXIT will be down to us, as a nation we will live or die by the decisions we make collectively. BREXIT will literally make or break us.

At the ITAE Group we are trailblazers, optimists, seekers of opportunity. It it this spirit in each and everyone of that we must draw on as we embark on a new vision for Britain.

One area that is not debated often is the affect of BREXIT on the education system. The economy will change and evolve to take advantage of the business arrangements globally there is no doubt about that.

I've outlined the main factors that will affect jobs and growth of the future 'BREXIT economy'.

Here's why wealth creation will change Britain forever.

Before I examine wealth creation there are other factors that will play a part...

Availability of skilled labour

The UK's education system both mainstream, further and higher education will all need to play their part in rapidly ups killing our workforce. We'll need a system that easily keeps up with the needs of business, both in the short, medium and long term.

An overhaul of the qualifications system to ensure that businesses can develop their workforce quickly with transferable skills that will boost growth.

Availability of unskilled labour

We need to move to high skilled economy, however there will be a need for unskilled workers. We must plan for that and ensure that roles that are unskilled pay well, and offer other perks such as flexible contracts or immediate payment. We need to be clever i the way we attract and encourage people to help in these roles. For example, could these roles be filled outside of standard business hours?

Wealth seekers to wealth creators

We should all be fundamentally taught to be wealth-creators, not wealth seekers. Wealth creators seek opportunity within themselves to prosper. Starting companies is a minefield, its credit based, rewards only positive behaviour patterns based on no risks, seems administrational intense and doesn't bridge people from employment to running a business. Businesses are the powerhouse of the economy, they themselves generate opportunity, they solve problems, conquer new places and allow ships to flourish. Business knows no boundaries.

As young people grow they understand the worlds around them, they have a fresh brain that isn't imprinted from past experiences, they are brave to resist ideas where people have once failed, adding innovation and fresh ideas, applying new technology to revolutionise ideas and kick start business.

We need to encourage and instil the idea of wealth creation into our young people. We shouldn't be focused on 'getting a job'. Jobs are crucial but we should focus on wealth creation. How can we educate and encourage young people to aspire to create wealth?

Here's some ideas from us...

All 16 year olds should leave school with a registered limited company set up, it should be free and taught in school.

Basic skills in buying and selling goods and services should be grown in all young people.

A government body should be set up for 16's-30' to tap into that offers up to £500.00 for grant funding for website and graphic design along with domain set ups.

Banks should offer start up grants for share equity as an alternative way of recovering the borrowed amount which is transferred back to the shareholders once the loan and interest are paid back. That way start up businesses can grow without worrying about cash-flow.

BREXIT can be a massive success, our future is in the hands of our youth, and I trust them to deliver...

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